Professor John Vince

Expanding the Frontiers of Visual Analytics and Visualization

Editors: Dill, Earnshaw, Kasik, Vince & Wong

ISBN 978-1-4471-2803-8, Springer-Verlag, 2012


Digital Convergence: Libraries of the Future 

Editors: Earnshaw & Vince

ISBN 978-1-8462-8902-6, Springer-Verlag, 2008


The changes that digital convergence is bringing about are substantial and are also likely to be long-lasting. This volume presents key aspects in this rapidly moving field in the areas of technology and information sciences - from international experts who are leaders in their fields.

Handbook of Computer Animation

Editor: John Vince

ISBN 978-1-8523-3564-9, Springer-Verlag, 2003


The Handbook of Animation is written by a team of experienced practitioners; each chapter provides a clear and precise overview of topics that include: computer games, evolutionary algorithms, shooting and live action, digital effects, cubic curves and surfaces, subdivision surfaces, rendering and shading.

Advances in Modelling, Rendering and Animation

Editors: Vince & Earnshaw

ISBN 978-1-8523-3654-7, Springer-Verlag, 2002


Advances in computer technology and developments such as the Internet provide a constant momentum to design new techniques and algorithms to support computer graphics. Modelling, animation and rendering remain principal topics in the field of computer graphics and continue to attract researchers around the world.

Intelligent Agents in Virtual and Mobile Media

Editors: Vince & Earnshaw

ISBN 978-1-8523-3556-4, Springer-Verlag, 2002


As you read Intelligent Agents for Mobile Media, you will discover the considerable advances that have been made on the long journey towards a day when computers will be truly described as an intelligent aid to our personal business lives.

Frontiers of Human-Centered, Online Communities and Virtual Environments

Editors: Earnshaw, Guedj, van Dam & Vince

ISBN 978-1-8523-3238-9, Springer-Verlag, 2001


This volume presents the results of a joint National Science Foundation and European Commission Workshop which was set up to identify the future key strategic research directions in the areas of human-centered interaction, online communities and virtual environments.

Digital Content Creation

Editors: Earnshaw & Vince

ISBN 978-1-8523-3379-9, Springer-Verlag, 2000


Different aspects of digital content creation are discussed in the volume, contributed by authors from around the world. Although each chapter addresses an individual aspect of the digital domain, there are common threads that unite the into an exciting vision of the future.

Digital Media: The Future

Editors: Vince & Earnshaw

ISBN 978-1-8523-3246-8, Springer-Verlag, 2000

This volume presents state-of-the-art research from a wide area of subjects brought about by the digital convergence of computing, television, telecommunications and the World-Wide Web.

Digital Convergence: The Information Revolution

Editors: Vince & Earnshaw

ISBN 978-1-8523-3140-5, Springer-Verlag, 1999

Virtual Worlds on the Internet

Editors: Vince & Earnshaw

ISBN 978-0-8186-8700-6, IEEE, 1998

Virtual Worlds on the Internet examines how the latest developments in virtual environments, computer animation, communication networks, and the Internet are being configured to create revolutionary tools and systems.

The Internet in 3D

Editors: Earnshaw & Vince

ISBN 978-0-1222-7736-8, Academic Press, 1997

The collection of state-of-the-art developments presented in this volume addresses the tools, applications and techniques of this fast-moving field. Key topics covered include: tools for WWW applications, 3D virtual worlds, visualization on the WWW and networks, multimedia, publishing and the Internet, education and training.

Visualization and Modelling

Editors: Earnshaw, Jones & Vince

ISBN 978-0-1222-7738-2, Academic Press, 1997

Visualization techniques have wide-ranging applications in diverse areas such as financial forecasting, business, medicine, meteorology and engineering. This book brings together a panel of international experts active in computer graphics, computer animation, visualization, modeling and virtual reality.

Digital Media and Electronic Publishing

Editors: Earnshaw, Jones & Vince

ISBN 978-3-5407-6016-0, Academic Press, 1995

Digital Media and Electronic Publishing is essential reading for graduates, researchers and professionals in digital media and multimedia and will be of interest to any one who wishes to find out more about this rapidly expanding and exciting area.

High-Performance Computing for Computer Graphics and Visualization

Editors: Chen, Townsend & Vince

ISBN 978-3-5407-6016-0, Springer-Verlag, 1995

This volume is based on papers from an international workshop held in Swansea, UK, from 3-4 July 1995, which was the first workshop to bring together academic and industrial researchers and engineers involved in applying high-performance computing technology to problems in computer graphics and visualisation.

Multimedia Systems and Applications

Editors: Earnshaw & Vince

ISBN 978-0-1222-7740-6, Academic Press, 1995

This book will enable those new to the field to obtain a good grounding in the technology required, and the applications which can utilise it effectively. It will also be essential reading for graduates, researchers and professionals in computer graphics, human-computer interaction and multimedia.

Virtual Reality Applications

Editors: Earnshaw & Vince

ISBN 978-0-1222-7755-9, Academic Press, 1995

The collection of state-of-the-art developments presented in this volume explores the principal application areas of VR systems, and addresses some of the main issues for potential users. Application areas covered include medicine and surgery, engineering and simulation, systems development and modelling, televirtuality, art and education.

Computer Graphics: Developments in Virtual Environments
Editors: Earnshaw & Vince
ISBN 978-0-4711-2991-2, Academic Press, 1995

This volume brings together contributions from international experts on the diverse, yet important range of topics that impact upon the design and application of virtual environments.


Editors: Earnshaw, Jern, Brown & Vince

ISBN 978-0-4711-2991-2, John Wiley, 1995

Interacting with Virtual Environments

Editors: MacDonald & Vince

ISBN 978-0-4719-3941-2, John Wiley, 1994

Leading developers of interaction and image display methods report on the results of projects being undertaken at major virtual reality research centres and in new industrial products. They cover topics such as virtual office environments, complex image manipulation, the design of 3D clothes for virtual actors, simulating the behaviour of virtual actors, collaborative design and flight simulation.